Men’s Japanese Kimono Short Set



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Japanese-inspired Kimono Shorts Set

This men’s and women’s kimono shorts set draws inspiration from traditional Japanese designs such as the wave (Nami) and clouds (kumo). It is crafted to provide you with a unique and elegant look.

Whether you’re attending a summer matsuri or spending a day at the beach, this lightweight and flowing haori jacket is perfect. The soft and breathable fabric ensures optimal comfort. Additionally, this outfit is versatile enough to be worn in cooler seasons, allowing you to feel cozy and comfortable at home during cozy moments.

The kimono jacket and shorts set is worn in a relaxed manner, similar to a Jinbei. There’s no need to belt the haori with an Obi (Japanese belt). For a Harajuku look, pair it with a pair of sneakers. For a samurai and geisha style, opt for a pair of Geta sandals.

  • Three-quarter sleeves for an elegant look
  • Unisex garment suitable for women, men, and children
  • Japanese Crane pattern for an artistic touch
  • Made of quality polyester for optimal durability
  • Digital 3D printing by polymerization for precise and vibrant details
  • The package includes a kimono haori jacket and shorts
  • Cold wash to preserve fabric quality
  • We recommend going one size up from your usual size for a perfect fit