Red Geisha Japanese Kimono



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Discover our beautiful red kimono for women, an essential traditional garment

With its floral patterns, fans, and birds, this iconic garment from the Land of the Rising Sun proudly celebrates the symbols of Japanese culture. Japanese fashion is deeply meaningful, with tradition playing a central role.

Whether strolling through the streets of Tokyo, Paris, or anywhere else, this authentic kimono is the ideal choice. It is traditionally worn with a belt, adding a touch of elegance to your outfit.

Historically, geishas wore kimonos during tea ceremonies. This practice, inspired by Zen Buddhism, involved serving tea in a codified manner in a calm and serene environment.

Even today, in Japan, women wear traditional kimonos for significant ceremonies such as coming of age, graduations, weddings, or funerals. These events are always solemn occasions.

how to wear a Japanese women's kimono

Here are our fashion tips to help you wear your traditional kimono with perfection:

  • 💯 For a geisha look, we recommend wearing white tabi socks and choosing a pair of matching geta sandals to complement your kimono. You can also add a folding sensu fan for an extra touch of elegance.
  • 💯 If you prefer more subdued colors for your Japanese outfit, take a look at our black Japanese kimono. It will transform you into a geisha in an instant.