Red Japanese Lantern



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Discover the elegance of Japanese decorations with this beautiful red Japanese lantern

The Japanese lamp is a true work of art that originated in China before being adapted to Japan. Unlike the Chinese lamp, the structure of the Japanese lamp is horizontal thanks to its foldable bamboo frame.

This ingenious design makes it easy to install a candle inside the Japanese lantern. Simply light the wick before unfolding the structure to enjoy a warm and soothing ambiance.

The red lantern is an iconic symbol found hanging in front of shops and sake bars in the Land of the Rising Sun. Its traditional appearance and black inscriptions give it a mysterious and captivating aura.

Here are some ideas for incorporating Japanese decor into your interior using this beautiful red paper lamp:

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💯 The cylindrical lamp is an ideal choice for combining functionality and aesthetics. It will elegantly illuminate your interior while giving it a traditional and authentic Japanese touch.

💯 For example, you can hang this paper lantern from the ceiling using its suspension. It will perfectly fit in the kitchen, living room, or even the bedroom.

💯 For a harmonious decoration in every room of your house, we also recommend opting for the kanjis lamp: a second red lantern adorned with black Japanese motifs.

💯 If you want to discover more models of Japanese lanterns, don’t hesitate to check out our collection of Japanese lanterns. You’ll find a wide selection of typical Japanese lighting fixtures.