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Discover the Red Sock with a Japanese Oni Pattern

Immerse yourself in the fascinating culture of Japan with this unique sock featuring a Japanese oni pattern. In the Shinto religion, which plays a central role in the daily life of Japanese people, oni, or Japanese demons, are iconic figures. For example, during the Namahage festival, it is common to see Japanese people wearing an oni mask to scare away evil spirits. In the local tradition of the city of Oga, oni is even used to scare lazy children!

This sock is a true homage to this mythical creature. It is ideal for enthusiasts of Japanese folklore and for those who want to add a touch of mystery to their outfit. Whether you’re ready to embody the demonic soul of this malevolent being or you simply identify with it, this pair of socks is made for you.

  • Material: This sock is made of cotton and elastane, giving it a soft touch and perfect elasticity to fit all foot sizes.
  • Style: The traditional Japanese oni pattern adds a touch of folklore and mystery to this sock. It is perfect for completing a casual look or adding an original touch to a more formal outfit.
  • Size: Available in size 39-46 EUR (6-13 US), this sock fits most feet and offers optimal comfort throughout the day.