Rokusyaku Fundoshi



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Discover the Rokusyaku Fundoshi: the traditional underwear that transforms into a festive garment

Are you ready to dive into the history of 1900s Japan and try the Rokusyaku Fundoshi? This loincloth, tied around the waist and crotch, was once a traditional Japanese undergarment and is still worn during traditional Japanese festivals today!

If you’re looking to explore the various versions of Japanese loincloths, whether it’s the simple, traditional, modern, thong-style, or women’s model, get your hands on this simple yet traditional model now!

  • Material: cotton
  • Dimensions: 280 cm x 20 cm
  • Color: white

Here are our tips for tying the traditional Rokusyaku Fundoshi in 2 steps:

boutique pantalon japonais

🇯🇵 Start by draping the fabric over your shoulder. Then, bring it underneath your legs and wrap it around your waist. Twist and tie the loincloth on the side.

🇯🇵 Take the end of the Rokusyaku Fundoshi (normally worn draped in front) around the back vertical segment, then the horizontal segment, and finally tuck the end in on the side. You’re now ready to try it for real!