Shimmering Japanese Kimono Woman



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Discover this stunning shimmering kimono for women, immerse yourself in the world of Japan

This colorful kimono is a true gem that will perfectly match all your outfits. Whether it’s solid pieces or colorful accessories, you can wear it on any occasion. Whether it’s a sunny day, a cozy moment at home, or a night out with friends, this kimono will be your fashion ally.

The prints on this kimono are inspired by wagara motifs, geometric shapes often depicted on Japanese clothing. The kimono, which means “garment” in Japanese, is the quintessential traditional attire.

During the Edo era (1603-1868), Japanese women wore this authentic kimono during the tea ceremony, called chanoyu. This ceremony involves preparing and serving tea in a traditional manner. Today, wearing a kimono has expanded to other occasions such as graduations, weddings, coming-of-age ceremonies for girls, and funerals. Very popular in Japan, the kimono is increasingly appreciated in Western countries.

tuto kimono japonais femme

Here are some fashion tips to help you wear your traditional kimono in style:

  • 💯 If you’re approximately 1m55 or shorter, choose size S. Women measuring between 1m55 and 1m65 will be comfortable in size M. For women measuring over 1m65, size L will fit perfectly. Don’t hesitate to refer to the size guide if needed.
  • 💯 To perfect your geisha style, we recommend wearing white split-toe socks (tabi) and a pair of Japanese wooden sandals (geta). Don’t forget the key accessory of this outfit: the obi belt that will cinch your waist and be a perfect storage for your fan.
  • 💯 If you’re looking for a kimono with a bit fewer patterns, take a look at the Japanese yuki kimono. It’s a simple and traditional garment that pays homage to deities (kami).