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Anime Kimono Shorts Set: Traditional and Streetwear Japanese Style

Get ready to embrace both traditional Japanese style and streetwear with this Anime Kimono Shorts Set. Perfect for fashion enthusiasts and manga lovers, this set includes a haori jacket and shorts that combine traditional Japanese aesthetics with a modern streetwear twist. The fabric of this ensemble is breathable and soft to the touch, ensuring optimal comfort. Whether you’re out on a hot day or lounging at home, this kimono set is a perfect choice.

The motif printed on this set features the Japanese symbol of Maneki Neko, representing luck, prosperity, and opulence in Japanese culture. This white cat wearing a Japanese katana pays homage to the famous samurai warriors.

  • Three-quarter sleeves: The kimono set features stylish three-quarter sleeves for a modern and elegant look.
  • Unisex design: Suitable for women, men, and children, this ensemble offers great versatility for all.
  • Japanese Crane motif: In addition to the Maneki Neko, this set is adorned with a Japanese Crane motif, symbolizing longevity and happiness.
  • High-quality polyester: Made from high-quality polyester, the fabric of this set ensures exceptional durability and comfort.
  • Digital 3D printing with polymerization: The intricate motif is digitally printed using state-of-the-art polymerization technology, guaranteeing precise details and resistance to washing.
  • Package includes kimono haori jacket and shorts: This set is conveniently delivered in a package containing a kimono haori jacket and a matching pair of shorts, ready to be worn.
  • Cold wash recommended: To preserve the quality of the fabric and motifs, it is recommended to wash this ensemble in cold water.
  • We recommend sizing up: For the perfect fit, it is advisable to choose a size larger than your regular size.