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Discover the Geisha Sock, a true work of art inspired by Japanese prints from the Edo period!

If you are passionate about Japanese art, this pair of socks is perfect for you. Not only will it allow you to express your love for Japanese culture, but its exceptional quality also guarantees unparalleled durability. In addition to being comfortable, these socks will give you a Japanese look worthy of the famous painters and artists of the Land of the Rising Sun!

This Japanese style, known as Ukiyo-e art, portrays nature as well as scenes from everyday life. Geishas have been an endless source of inspiration for many artists. On this Japanese sock, you can admire a Japanese woman wearing a yukata with an obi belt. Her hair is beautifully tied up with the help of a kanzashi, and she also holds a Uchiwa fan, a symbol of grace and elegance.

  • Material: Made of cotton and elastane, this sock offers optimal comfort while being durable.
  • Style: Immerse yourself in Japanese folklore with this unique sock that captures the very essence of Ukiyo-e art.
  • Size: Available in sizes ranging from 37 to 46, this sock fits all feet.