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The Meia Japon sock: a representation of the god Fujin

Discover the Meia Japon sock, which showcases the Japanese deity Fujin. This god possesses numerous magical powers, including the ability to control the winds. According to legends, Fujin is also a great warrior who spent most of his time battling his brother Raijin. Both are legendary kami of Shintoism, the traditional Japanese religion.

If you are looking for a Japanese sock for men, the Meia Japon sock is perfect for you. Its streetwear style complements a casual look perfectly. For an even trendier effect, don’t hesitate to match this sock with a pair of sneakers or an accessory like a cap, bag, or beanie in a matching color.

  • Material: cotton and elastane
  • Style: representation of the Japanese god Fujin
  • Size: available in sizes 39 to 43