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Discover our Japanese-style kimono for women: a perfect blend of elegance and tradition

Our Japanese-style kimono for women is adorned with beautiful wagara patterns, highly appreciated prints inspired by Japan. Once worn by geishas, this traditional kimono embodies elegance and sophistication. Geishas, who were accomplished artists, were also known for their sense of service and knowledge of presentation codes. Wearing a kimono was therefore a symbol of education and refinement.

The word “kimono” literally means “clothing” in Japanese, highlighting its importance in Japanese culture. Traditionally reserved for special occasions such as weddings, graduations, and coming-of-age ceremonies, this iconic Japanese garment has evolved over the years. Noble materials such as silk, satin, and gold thread have been replaced by more modern fabrics such as cotton, polyester, and elastane. These materials offer optimal comfort while being affordable.


To help you wear your traditional kimono for women with style, here are some fashion tips:

  • For an outfit worthy of the most beautiful geishas, we recommend wearing white tabi socks, wooden geta sandals, and a matching obi belt. You can also add accessories such as a Japanese fan or a kanzashi hairpin to enhance your look.
  • Feel free to consult our size guide to choose the perfect size for you.
  • To properly wear this iconic geisha garment, it is important to respect certain steps and codes. For example, always fold the left side over the right side. Did you know that the opposite is reserved for deceased individuals? A detail to know in order to adopt the right behavior.