Traditional Hannya Japanese Mask



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Discover the Traditional Hannya Mask, the Perfect Gift for Enthusiasts of Japanese Culture

The Traditional Hannya Mask is a true treasure of Japanese culture. It is ideal to wear with a traditional kimono or use as a decorative accessory to create an authentic Japanese ambiance. This Oni mask is one of the most popular in the Japanese archipelago, and it embodies the character of Hannya, a vengeful spirit known as Onryo. In Japan, this type of mask is worn by actors in No theater and is also used during certain Matsuri festivals.

  • Material of the Oni Mask: made of high-quality resin, this mask is both strong and durable.
  • Traditional Style: this mask is a true symbol of Japanese folklore and is often associated with Matsuri festivals and No theater.
  • Perfect Dimensions: with its dimensions of 30 x 20 cm (11.8 x 7.8 inches), this traditional Hannya mask is large enough to attract all the attention and enhance your outfit or decoration.