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Introducing the Samue Kimono Cardigan, a modern twist on a traditional Japanese garment

Discover the Samue Kimono Cardigan, also known as the Samue, a traditional Japanese garment that can be worn all year round. Its origins date back to the Edo era, but it’s also highly appreciated in modern fashion. Young Japanese in Harajuku wear it stylishly, pairing it with cargo pants or a Japanese sweatshirt.

This kimono cardigan closes in the same way as a men’s Japanese kimono or Yukata. Its three-quarter sleeves offer a modern and comfortable fit. The material used for this kimono is high-quality linen, ensuring optimal comfort.

  • Material: Linen
  • Size: Available in sizes M to 4XL
  • Care Instructions: We recommend not machine washing this kimono at a temperature higher than 30 degrees Celsius
  • Refer to the size guide below to choose the perfect fit for you
Size (cm) Chest Length Sleeves
M 102 72 60.5
L 106 73 61.5
XL 110 74 62.5
XXL 112 75 63.5
XXXL 118 76 64.5
4XL 120 77 65.5