Traditional Maneki Print



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What if you invited this traditional print into your living room? The maneki neko cat will bring you good luck!

Traditional print is a Japanese art that emerged between the 1600s and 1800s. This woodblock printing technique carries a spiritual essence and originated from Buddhism.

Over time, the techniques have evolved, and woodblock printing has given way to painting with the introduction of polychrome. The subjects depicted are diverse, ranging from portraits of geishas and samurais to iconic landscapes such as the Great Wave of Kanagawa or Mount Fuji.

This Japanese artwork features the maneki neko, a lucky cat revered in the land of the rising sun. Many legends surround its fortunate virtues, and it can often be found in front of shops, bars, and restaurants, symbolizing good fortune.

  • The package includes a reproduction of a Japanese print.
  • The design is created on a canvas cotton material.
  • The wall canvas is delivered in a tube for safe transportation.

Here are some ideas for adopting this beautiful Japanese decoration:

💯 First and foremost, measure the future location of the Japanese artwork. You can then choose the corresponding size from the available 3 options.

💯 The frame is not included with the Japanese canvas, but you can purchase one to add an even more authentic touch.

💯 This wall decoration is more easily manageable than a wooden print. Its lightweight and maneuverability will allow you to choose any location and make hanging it up a breeze.

💯 The cotton used in the canvas retains the colors and offers a high-quality depth to the artwork. Its finish is matte and free from any shiny reflections.

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