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Immerse Yourself in the Art of the Floating World with this Stunning Ukiyo-e Print of a Ronin

Explore the world of ukiyo-e, a Japanese artistic movement that emerged in the early 1700s, drawing inspiration from Buddhism and celebrating the pleasures of life in all its forms.

Japanese printmaking is a unique form of art, created on a wooden block and using ink to bring the artwork to life. The earliest prints featured recurring symbols such as samurais and geishas.

This reproduction woodblock print depicts a ronin, a dishonored samurai who could not protect his murdered master. Condemned to wander, his main goal is to avenge his master before taking his own life. This print is part of a triptych, with this piece being the central one.

  • The package includes a faithful reproduction of a Japanese print
  • The image is printed on a high-quality cotton canvas
  • The wall decoration is carefully rolled in a tube for safe delivery

Here are some tips to successfully decorate your interior:


💯 We recommend measuring the dimensions of the chosen space before ordering the Japanese canvas (available in 3 different sizes).

💯 Important note regarding delivery: the frame is not included with the artwork, but you have the option to add one to bring a touch of Japanese tradition.

💯 More portable than a woodblock print, the canvas print is easy to transport and hang on the wall or place on furniture (desk, shelf…) to enhance your interior.

💯 The advantage of the cotton canvas is its matte and non-reflective finish. This material preserves the depth of colors, worthy of the finest exhibitions.

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