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Spread peace, luck, and prosperity by wearing this beautiful vintage hanten

The Japanese hanten is a traditional coat that has stood the test of time and remained current. The Japanese used to wear it over a period kimono during the Edo period (1600-1800). Unlike the kimono, the hanten is not reserved for the bourgeoisie, it can be worn by anyone.

Lined with a layer of quilted cotton, this Japanese coat is ideal for autumn and winter seasons. It will keep you warm while sporting a chic and 100% Japanese style. It has a short and fitted cut to match any outfit.

The wave-shaped patterns printed on this Japanese overcoat are called seigaiha and translate to “blue waves of the ocean”. This pattern has long been used in Egypt, Persia, and around the world. It symbolizes prosperity, luck, and peace. In Japan, it is frequently found on eco-friendly fabric packaging (furoshiki).

  • Design: seigaiha
  • Cut: short and straight
  • Material: cotton
  • Length: 80 cm / 31.5 inches
  • Washing: hand wash or machine wash (30°), hang dry


💯 This colorful hanten will perfectly match a plain and sober outfit. It will bring pep and a modern and sophisticated Japanese style. Opt for a raw or black slim jeans, a simple long-sleeved top, and a beautiful red and gold necklace.

💯 If you prefer the urban and street style, we recommend adopting an oversized look and wearing this seigaiha coat in a loose mode. Slip on your favorite sneakers and you’re good to go!

💯 Whether you’re attending a winter festival, having dinner with friends, or celebrating New Year’s Eve with your family, this red and white coat will bring you comfort and warmth. Very comfortable to wear daily, you might not take it off until spring begins!

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