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Discover our beautiful women’s kimono jacket with traditional Japanese patterns

If you are passionate about Japanese culture, this kimono jacket is made for you! The Japanese patterns on this jacket are the Tsuru, which symbolizes peace, and the sakura, which symbolizes the fleeting beauty of cherry blossoms. These patterns are deeply rooted in Japanese culture and are often used in traditional clothing.

By wearing this jacket, you can show your love for Japan and its folklore. Whether you are traveling to Japan or simply passionate about the country, this jacket will make you feel connected to its unique culture.

To embrace a traditional Japanese style, we recommend wearing this jacket in winter over a hoodie for a casual and trendy look. In summer, it will go perfectly with a solid-color t-shirt to highlight the Japanese patterns. Whatever the season, this jacket will add a touch of elegance and originality to your outfit.

The lightweight fabric of this kimono jacket is ideal for a casual and comfortable outfit. You will feel comfortable while still being stylish. Our model, who is wearing this jacket, is 1.65m tall and weighs 55kg. It enhances her silhouette and gives her a feminine and elegant look.

  • Haori: This jacket is a haori, a traditional Japanese garment that is very trendy right now. It is adorned with Kanagawa and Tsuru motifs, which add authenticity and beauty to this unique piece.
  • Japanese style: This jacket is specially designed for women who want to adopt a Japanese style. It is elegant, refined, and brings a touch of Japanese culture to your wardrobe.
  • Japanese cardigan material: This jacket is made of cotton and polyester, making it soft, lightweight, and resistant. It is comfortable to wear and will keep you warm on cool days.
  • Washing: To maintain this jacket, we recommend washing it at a maximum of 30 degrees. This way, you can enjoy its beauty and quality for a long time.
  • Sizes 🇯🇵: To choose the size that suits you, don’t forget to refer to our size guide. This way, you will be sure that the kimono will fit perfectly to your measurements and enhance your silhouette.