Women’s Asian Japanese Kimono



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Immerse yourself in the traditional Japanese world with this magnificent Asian kimono for women

The kimono, an emblematic garment, is steeped in history and symbolism. Once worn by geishas during the Edo period, these elegant and refined Japanese women, it is now a symbol of Japanese culture.

This kimono is inspired by the tea ceremony, an ancient Buddhist ritual. This ceremony consists of serving tea with respect for traditional codes, in a calm and intimate atmosphere. By wearing this kimono, you will immerse yourself in this unique and fascinating universe.

If you dream of resembling a real geisha, this kimono is made for you! It is perfect for entertaining friends over a cup of tea or for an elegant dinner. You will impress all your guests with your authentic and refined style.

tuto kimono japonais femme

Here are our fashion tips for you to wear this traditional kimono perfectly:

  • 💯 To perfect your geisha outfit, we recommend choosing an obi belt to accentuate your waist and silhouette. You can also add a sensu (folding fan) or uchiwa as an accessory.
  • 💯 If you want to vary the colors while keeping the geisha pattern, we recommend our red Japanese kimono. This traditional kimono proudly showcases the colors of the Japanese flag and will add a touch of color to your outfit.