Women’s Black Floral Japanese Kimono



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Discover the black floral kimono for women and transform yourself into a traditional geisha

Ready to make a statement at a party with friends or impress your family at a dinner? This elegant kimono is made for you! By wearing this traditional attire, you will become the woman of the evening. For a complete immersion in Japanese culture, take inspiration from geishas’ makeup: red lips, eyeliner, and porcelain complexion.

Originally, the traditional kimono was worn during tea ceremonies. Today, it is also donned by young women when they celebrate their 20th birthday and enter adulthood. It is therefore a garment full of symbolism and tradition.

The floral patterns on this authentic kimono reference the ephemeral beauty of flowers that bloom and fade quickly. Every year, in spring, the Japanese celebrate hanami, a tradition of admiring flowers in full bloom. By wearing this floral kimono, you will pay homage to this age-old tradition.

Floral kimono tutorial

Here are our fashion tips for making the most of your traditional kimono:

  • 💯 To perfect your Japanese style, we recommend choosing an obi belt to tie at the back. You can even find belts with a pre-formed bow for added convenience. This accessory is essential for elegantly closing your kimono.
  • 💯 If you prefer brighter colors for your Japanese outfit, take a look at our red Japanese kimono. This traditional model guarantees an authentic and remarkable style.
  • 💯 Respect Japanese tradition by folding the left side over the right when closing your kimono. It is a symbolic gesture that shows your respect for Japanese culture.