Women’s Japanese Sandals



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Discover the Japanese Women’s Sandal, the perfect accessory to show off your passion for the Land of the Rising Sun

Choose these beautiful Japanese flip-flops that combine elegance and chic. Whether you wear them with a traditional kimono, like the Geisha of Tokyo, or with modern clothes to add a Japanese touch to your outfit, they will enhance your appearance. In winter, pair them with a pair of Tabi socks, while in summer, they will accompany you everywhere, whether it’s at the beach or in your garden for a relaxing afternoon.

  • The height of the geta is 3.5 cm, ideal for optimal comfort
  • The dai, the sole of the Japanese women’s sandals, is made of solid and lightweight wood for a pleasant feel with every step
  • The hanao, the thick cotton strap, offers additional comfort. Its floral design adds a touch of elegance
  • An anti-slip rubber coating is added under the platform to prevent slips and ensure optimal stability

These wooden sandals are both sturdy, durable, and lightweight. The wooden sole is varnished to guarantee superior quality. The strap is soft and silky to avoid any unpleasant friction on the skin.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to own a pair of unique Japanese sandals. Order now and add a touch of refinement to your style.