Women’s Long Japanese Kimono



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Discover this beautiful long Japanese kimono for women, an invitation to the beauty of the archipelago’s gardens

Immerse yourself in a universe where the kimono and nature blend in perfect harmony… This exceptional Japanese garment showcases floral patterns, so emblematic of Japanese culture. The delicate iris flowers, called shoubu, are aesthetically striking. They have inspired numerous artists around the world, such as Japanese painter Hokusai and the famous Van Gogh, who created beautiful paintings and engravings inspired by these motifs.

The traditional kimono is worn following specific codes and a precise order. Here are the steps to follow to wear it correctly: start by putting on split-toe socks (tabi), preferably white. Then, put on a susuyoke and a hadajuban, which are traditional kimono undergarments.

This long Japanese kimono is ideal for a costume party, where it will transform you into a true geisha. You will be unique and admired by all. For an even more elaborate costume, add a beautiful kanzashi hairpin to your hair, carry a folding sensu fan, and add the finishing touch with a superb fabric furoside bag! You will be simply splendid!

how to wear a Japanese kimono for women

Here are some fashion tips to help you perfectly wear your traditional women’s kimono:

  • 💯 Size S is suitable for women measuring between 1.55m and 1.65m, while Size M is suitable for women measuring over 1.65m. To be completely sure, don’t hesitate to consult our size guide, available in the product photos.
  • 💯 For a complete geisha look, don’t forget the obi belt: it’s a true fashion accessory. Also wear geta sandals and tabi socks, which are typical elements of the outfit.
  • 💯 If you prefer bird motifs to floral motifs, we have the perfect geisha outfit for you: go for this blue tsuru kimono and pay tribute to the birds of good omen, so dear to the Japanese.