Wood Japanese Mask



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Discover the Japanese Wood Mask, a unique accessory worn by No theatre actors during their performances

The Japanese Wood Mask, also known as Jomen mask, is a true hand-carved masterpiece. This mask is specially designed to represent the character of an old man in No theatre plays, a traditional Japanese art form. Each mask is a unique piece that requires hours of meticulous work to be created.

If you are looking for an original and authentic gift for a friend or loved one, this mask is perfect for Japanese decoration. It will bring an touch of elegance and mystery to any space.

  • The mask is entirely hand-carved from high-quality cedar wood, giving it exceptional durability.
  • The dimensions of the mask are 21 x 16 cm (8.2 x 6.3 in), making it an ideal size piece to be displayed in your home or office.
  • Each package contains a No theatre mask, ready to be hung or displayed according to your preferences.