Yukata Crane Jacket



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Showcase your passion for Japanese folklore with this Crane Yukata Jacket

Immerse yourself in Japanese history with this Crane Yukata Jacket, inspired by the traditional haori worn by warriors during the Sengoku period. This iconic garment was once reserved for the elite and nobles, but it was popularized by geishas during the Meiji era.

This Japanese haori jacket is a true artistic masterpiece. It features a stunning flight of cranes soaring over the sea of Kanagawa, with blooming sakura in the background. Every detail is carefully crafted to evoke poetic Japanese prints.

If you are looking for styling tips for a haori jacket, here are some ideas:

  • 💯 Pair your kimono jacket with a black scarf or belt for an elegant and traditional look.
  • 💯 For a sexy and casual Japanese outfit, wear your haori jacket with shorts and heels.
  • 💯 Keep in mind that this haori is an Asian model, so it is recommended to choose one size up from your usual size.

But wait, there’s more! Our shop offers a complete collection of Haori kimonos, featuring different designs, colors, and motifs inspired by Japanese folklore. Feel free to explore our selection to find the model that suits you best.