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Asian Geisha Table – A Touch of Delicacy Inspired by the Land of the Rising Sun

Add a touch of delicacy and beauty to your room with this magnificent table depicting a Japanese geisha. Inspired by the culture of the Nippon archipelago, this drawing will elegantly embellish your walls.

The geishas, women of great beauty and finesse, still exist today in Japan. If you have the chance to travel to Tokyo, you may encounter them in the streets, dressed in their traditional kimonos, waist cinched with an obi, wearing wooden geta sandals, tabi socks, and a kanzashi hairpin.

For a successful Japanese decoration, we recommend opting for a traditional Nippon style by adding a kakemono to your table. This will create a reference to the Edo style and bring an authentic touch to your decoration. This Japanese table is also an ideal gift idea to delight a Japan lover.


Here are some additional tips for your Japanese decoration:

  • 💯 Our logistics team takes care of rolling and sliding your Japanese art table into a sturdy cardboard tube to ensure smooth shipping.
  • 💯 The canvas material eliminates reflection issues and adds depth to the colors of your decorative table, for a more artistic rendering.
  • 💯 The wooden support will give an even more authentic style to your Japanese canvas.
  • 💯 Please check the dimensions to ensure that your wall table enhances the walls of your interior decoration to the fullest.