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Discover the hand-painted ceramic Daruma piggy bank, a Japanese symbol created by our artisans

Immerse yourself in Japanese folklore with this magical little figurine that grants wishes! Made of high-quality ceramic, this Daruma piggy bank is a true treasure to own.

  • Ceramic Daruma piggy bank
  • Japanese symbols are hand-painted by one of our artisans
  • Dimensions: 12 x 11 x 10 cm

In Japanese folklore, the Daruma represents a magical figurine that grants wishes!

When it is white in color (shiroi – 白い), the Daruma figurine symbolizes motivation and purity!

The Daruma is still used today as a lucky charm throughout the Land of the Rising Sun. It can be seen in temples, bars, restaurants, or homes where it serves as a Japanese decoration!

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Here are some tips if you want to follow the tradition associated with the Daruma. First, you need to:

  • Set a goal or objective to accomplish within a maximum of one year
  • Then, color the left eye of the figurine
  • Place the Daruma in a visible spot to never lose sight of it. This will remind you of your goal to achieve.
  • Once you have accomplished it, you can color the second eye

Each color has a unique and specific meaning. Do you want to discover the meaning of the pink Daruma? Protect your friends, home, or loved ones against…