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Discover the Shinjiru Sandals for an Authentic Japanese Style

Choose these Shinjiru Japanese sandals and adopt a look inspired by the Land of the Rising Sun. Their design resembles beach flip-flops, but they stand out for their robustness and lightness. Made of wood with a non-slip rubber sole, these sandals offer optimal comfort in all situations. The thick cotton straps add an extra touch of style.

This model is equipped with teeth at the back of the soles, allowing you to wear them easily like classic flip-flops. You can pair them with traditional clothing or modern outfits to create your own Japanese style.

Here are some tips for achieving a traditional Japanese look:

  • Pull on the straps to adjust the sandals to the size of your feet. This ensures a good fit and more comfortable walking.
  • Match the color of the straps with your outfit for an even more stylish look.
  • When ordering your geta, make sure to choose a smaller size than your regular shoe size. In Japan, the heels should protrude at least 1 cm from the soles to ensure better balance when walking.

We also have a collection of Japanese geta on our website. Feel free to browse through it to find the perfect model to complete your wardrobe.