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Add an authentic touch to your interior with this Japanese male print

Immerse yourself in the world of ukiyo-e art with this magnificent Japanese print. Inspired by woodblock printing, this artwork brings a true Japanese touch to your interior.

Ukiyo-e art is an artistic movement that originated from the spiritual concept of the floating world, derived from Buddhism. It developed in the Yoshiwara district during the Tokugawa shogunate, a period marked by feudal dictatorship. This district was a popular entertainment destination for the middle class of that time, with its brothels and Kabuki theaters.

This Japanese print depicts a samurai man dressed in traditional attire. On his left shoulder, you can see two spiritual faces symbolizing good and evil. The iris flowers (shoubu) present in the artwork represent trust and courage.

  • The package includes an faithful replica of this Japanese print.
  • The design is made on a 100% cotton canvas.
  • The decorative canvas is carefully packaged in a tube for easy delivery.

If you want to adopt a Japanese decoration, here are some tips:


💯 For a successful decoration, make sure to measure the dimensions of the space where you will hang the Japanese canvas before ordering.

💯 This print does not come with a frame, but you can add one to give a traditional touch to this wall art.

💯 The canvas is ideal as it is flexible and lightweight. You can easily hang it or place it on a piece of furniture such as a sideboard or dresser.

💯 Additionally, the cotton canvas helps preserve the depth of colors and provides a beautiful matte finish.

💯 Complete your interior decoration with a representation of a fighter of the rising sun. Our samurai painting will be perfect for adding a touch of Japan to your apartment.

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