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Introducing our Japanese Noren Curtain inspired by Japanese folklore and renowned Japanese artists!

Traditionally used by izakayas (Japanese pubs) and ramen restaurants, our collection of Japanese Noren curtains offers more than just a curtain. We provide a unique and quirky style directly inspired by traditional Japanese folklore and manga.

  • Authentic Japanese design
  • Made from cotton and linen
  • Densely woven fabric with a curved cut
  • HD digital printing for vibrant colors
  • Dimensions: 80x130cm

💯 Use this Noren as a Japanese wall decoration, to close off a closet, or to separate two rooms!

Please note that the rod is not included with your Noren, so you will need to obtain one ⛩️

💯 To learn more about the meaning behind your Noren, we recommend reading our article on Yokai (Japanese demons) to fully understand the depth of Japanese culture!