Japanese painting Asagi



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Discover the power of this exceptional warrior with the Asagi Japanese Painting

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Japan with this decorative painting depicting a samurai warrior seen from behind. This beautiful woman is kneeling, gracefully holding her sword. In the background, a red disk symbolizes the sunset, an emblem of the Land of the Rising Sun.

Did you know that in Japanese culture, a female warrior is called an Onna-bugeisha?

How to create a Japanese ambiance by decorating your room?

Enhance your living space by following these recommendations to highlight your wall art:

  • 💯 Check the dimensions of the space where you want to hang your Japanese painting before placing your order
  • 💯 Opt for a wooden frame to add an extra touch of authenticity to your wall decor
  • 💯 The “canvas” material provides high-definition digital printing quality, with deeper colors for an artistic rendering
  • 💯 Our logistics team takes care to protect your artwork by packaging it in a sturdy cardboard tube during shipping