Kawaii Japanese Chopsticks



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You’ll love kawaii Japanese chopsticks!

If you adore everything small and cute, then kawaii Japanese chopsticks are perfect for you! These Asian chopsticks have a rich history dating back to the 12th century BC in China. Originally, they had a religious function rather than a culinary one. However, over the centuries, they found their place at Japanese tables.

Kawaii Japanese chopsticks are adorned with adorable patterns that represent the kawaii style. This movement originated in the 1980s as a student protest movement. Kawaii refers to anything cute in Japan, such as kittens, plush toys, and famous icons like Hello Kitty or Pokemon.

  • The package contains 5 pairs of kitchen chopsticks
  • The Japanese chopsticks are made of bamboo
  • Size: 22.5 cm

Follow our tips to use wooden chopsticks like a chef:

  • 🥢 The technique for handling these Japanese utensils is simple: the first chopstick is placed between the hollow of the hand and the ring finger, remaining still. The second chopstick is also placed between the hollow at the base of the thumb and between the ring finger and middle finger: these two fingers allow it to move and create a pinch-like movement.
  • 🥢 Beyond the technique, there are a few rules to know: it is recommended to use the Japanese chopsticks with the left hand, it is strictly forbidden to stick them into food, and it is strongly advised not to lick them. When not in use, they should be placed on a chopstick rest (hashi oki).
  • 🥢 In terms of etiquette, two useful tips: never point at someone with bamboo chopsticks and use a spoon to transfer food from one dish to another.

🥢 For gifting or for your own pleasure, we invite you to visit our collection of Japanese chopsticks. You’ll find plenty of inspiration to brighten up your Japanese meals.