Kimono Wool Haori



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The Kimono Wool Haori: a men’s jacket combining Japanese style and modernity

The Kimono Wool Haori is much more than a simple jacket. It is a true symbol of style and elegance that will perfectly complement your wardrobe. Whether you want to achieve a casual look with a white t-shirt and classic jeans, or immerse yourself in Japanese tradition by wearing this jacket over a kimono or with a hakama and Geta or Zori sandals, the Kimono Wool Haori will adapt to all your desires.

This kimono jacket is made from high-quality cotton fabric to offer you optimal comfort. Its unique design, featuring an embroidered Japanese crane, a symbol of longevity, adds a touch of originality and refinement to your outfit. Legends say that the crane can live for a thousand years, and by wearing this jacket, you embrace this symbolism.

  • Material of the Kimono jacket: Cotton, for optimal comfort
  • Package includes a kimono haori, for a complete outfit
  • Kimono cardigan design: Hand embroidered Japanese crane motif, for a touch of originality
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