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Brighten up your interior with this Japanese oiran print

In Japan, printmaking is a technique borrowed from China. Using woodblock printing, it illustrates Buddhist thought and refers to sutras, the principles and commandments of the religious book. During the Edo period, the introduction of color added a new dimension to this art, which became highly prized by artisans and merchants. This is how illustrations of courtesans (oiran) and landscapes were born.

This print represents one of these beautiful women painted during the Tokugawa shogunate. It is part of the period when bijin-ga paintings emerged, which highlighted the courtesans of feudal Japan, who were very popular at the time.

  • The package contains a reproduction of a Japanese print.
  • The print is made on a cotton canvas.
  • The wall decoration is delivered in a cardboard tube packaging for easy delivery.

Here are some tips for Japanese interior decoration:


💯 We recommend taking measurements of the space and choosing an eye-level location before ordering the decorative canvas.

💯 The package does not include a frame, but if you want to add a touch of traditionalism to this Japanese decoration, you can add one.

💯 The canvas print is lightweight, easy to handle, and portable. It will be even easier to hang or place it on a dresser or console.

💯 Ideal for enhancing colors, the cotton canvas is guaranteed to be glare-free and long-lasting.

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