Washi Tape Kawaii – 10 Rolls



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Stock up on washi tape with these 10 rolls of Okinawa Japanese adhesive tape

Discover the fascinating history of washi paper, which has been used for centuries by Japanese monks in temples. Made from mulberry paper, mitsumata branch, or paper mulberry, washi is a traditional material that has stood the test of time. Its color fades when exposed to UV rays from sunlight, giving it a unique patina.

The patterns printed on these Japanese adhesive tape rolls celebrate the kawaii style, which emerged from a student protest movement in the 1980s. Kawaii is characterized by cute and colorful elements, and includes iconic mascots such as Hello Kitty, Kirby, and Pokemon.

  • The package contains 10 rolls of Japanese adhesive paper
  • Japanese washi is made from mulberry paper called kozo
  • Dimensions: 8 mm x 2 m

Here are our tips for decorating and customizing various accessories:

  • 🇯🇵 What could be more festive than subtly colored tableware to welcome guests for dinner? You can easily apply adhesive paper to the edges of glasses, cutlery, and plates for a meal. Just remember to remove them before washing (by hand or in the dishwasher).
  • 🇯🇵 Want to add some color to your office accessories? Wrap the patterned washi tape around the base of a pencil. You can even match it with your pencil sharpener. And how about doing the same with your phone case and charger? You’ll be able to recognize them from a mile away!
  • 🇯🇵 To spice up your work or school days, have fun decorating your planner or folders. Add some color to your schedule! Stick a piece of washi tape to mark an important appointment or a can’t-miss meeting. The advantage? You can easily stick and remove the tape without the risk of tearing the page or leaving a mark. It’s magical…

🇯🇵 Curious to discover all our colorful tapes? We knew it. And we’ve got you covered: they’re available in our collection of Japanese paper. Take a look and choose the rolls that inspire you the most!