Women’s Long Kimono Jacket



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Discover our beautiful long kimono jacket for women, your ally for unforgettable cozy days

Worn by the Japanese for hundreds of years, the kimono jacket is a staple of Japanese fashion since the Edo period (1600-1868). Once worn with a classic kimono or a casual yukata, it has crossed the centuries and continues to charm with its timeless elegance.

Whether to brave the low temperatures or to enjoy moments of relaxation at home, our Japanese Haori jacket is the perfect option. Its fit adapts to all body shapes and styles, allowing you to create unique and trendy looks.

The patterns printed on this Japanese-style jacket represent tsurus, also known as “Japanese cranes”. These auspicious birds symbolize longevity and good fortune. Once reserved for the nobility and wealthy families, this print will bring a touch of sophistication to your outfit.

Discover our full range of cardigans and beach kimonos in our collection of women’s kimono jackets. You will find a varied color palette to satisfy all tastes and desires.

  • Design: tsurus
  • Material of the Japanese kimono jacket: polyester fibers
  • Jacket length: 105 cm
  • Sublimation printing to give more brilliance to the Japanese symbols
  • Fit: long

Don’t forget to choose the right size, as our sizes are Japanese.