Bento Box Maneki – Double



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Choose this traditional bento box and bring a touch of Japan to your lunches

The bento box is a traditional Japanese product that has been around for nearly a millennium. Over the years, its use has evolved to become a true social marker. Once used by farmers to transport their lunches, the lacquered wooden bento box has become very popular and is now used by many people.

This traditional bento box stands out with its double structure. It consists of two tiers that allow you to prepare a healthy and complete meal. With its three compartments, you can cook an appetizer, a main dish, and a dessert. In addition, the motif depicted on the accompanying fabric bags symbolizes the maneki neko, a lucky cat in Japan.

  • Wooden bento box
  • Dimensions: 19 x 10 x 9.8 cm
  • The package includes a bento box, wooden chopsticks and Western-style wooden cutlery, as well as fabric storage cases


Here are our recommendations for a tasty and carefully prepared lunch in the wooden bento box:

  • 💯 Compose your lunch and adjust the quantities to your appetite and hunger. The compartments of this bento box are specially designed for you to vary the foods and enjoy a complete meal.
  • 💯 Ideal for keeping the temperature, the Japanese lunch box is also very practical for transport. It has an airtight system that prevents the box from opening. Essential, isn’t it?
  • 💯 If you’re not sure how to compose your lunch in a way that boosts you without weighing you down, here are some guidelines: plan for 40% starches, 30% proteins, 20% vegetables, and 10% fruits to distribute in your lunch box. Enjoy your meal!
  • 💯 For yourself or for someone in your circle? The Japanese bento always brings happiness! Visit our bento collection and choose the one you like.