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Japanese Geisha Painting – Nippon Style Wall Decoration

Discover our magnificent Geisha painting that showcases two Japanese princesses dressed in splendid kimonos. This painting is created in a manga style, respecting all the codes of Japan. The delicate colors reminiscent of the Japanese flag’s color schemes, while a red sun adds a touch of character to the background of the wall painting. In the background, a Japanese cherry blossom tree brings a zen ambiance. The cherry blossoms, called Sakura, symbolize the fleeting beauty in Japanese culture.

The two girls are depicted in a kawaii manga style, which is a Japanese style where everything is represented in a cute manner. If you want to add another kawaii touch to your decor, we also recommend our other Geisha painting featuring a traditional Japanese kimono. These stylish decorations will immerse your interior in a true Japanese universe!


Features of the Japanese Geisha Painting

  • Land of the Rising Sun style
  • “Canvas” printing for high-definition digital printing quality
  • Available dimensions: 20 x 30 cm | 30 x 45 cm | 35 x 50 cm | 40 x 50 cm | 50 x 75 cm | 60 x 90 cm | 70 x 105 cm
  • Option to choose a Kakemono wooden frame to hang the wall decoration in a bedroom, office, or living room

Tips for Optimal Japanese Decoration

To achieve optimal Japanese decoration, here are some tips:

  • 💯 Opt for a wooden Kakemono frame to give an even more authentic style to your Japanese canvas
  • 💯 Check the dimensions to ensure that your wall painting fits your interior decor
  • 💯 We roll and slide your art painting into a sturdy cardboard tube to ensure smooth delivery
  • 💯 The Deco canvas eliminates reflection issues and adds depth to the beautiful vibrant colors of this decorative Japanese painting