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The Feudal Japan Geta: a wooden sandal inspired by Japanese culture

If you want to stand out with a unique look, the Feudal Japan Geta is made for you. This wooden sandal draws inspiration from geishas, samurai warriors, and shogun commanders, offering an authentic style for all Japan lovers.

  • Size: from 33 to 40 (depending on available stock)
  • Heel height: 2 – 3 cm. In the Edo era, the geta was traditionally high to prevent the kimono from dragging on the ground.
  • Anti-slip coating: a rubber coating has been added to the sole to prevent slippage.
  • The “dai”: the body of the sandals is made of wood.
  • The “hanao”: the strap that allows you to wear the geta is made of thick fabric for optimal comfort. The design is either uniform or floral, adding an authentic touch to your Japanese style.


💯 Choose a size larger than your standard shoe size as these are Japanese sizes…

💯 To achieve a trendy and fashionable Harajuku look, we recommend matching the color of your Japanese women’s kimono with the colors of the hanao.

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