Japanese Lantern Cat



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Discover the Japanese Cat Lantern, a symbol of good fortune from the maneki neko

The Japanese lantern is a luminaire of Chinese origin that has been inspired by Chinese culture with some differences. Unlike the vertical structure of the Chinese lamp, the Japanese lantern is mounted in horizontal parallels, which allows it to be folded like an accordion for convenient and space-saving storage.

Made from thin paper, the Japanese lamp combines functionality with aesthetics. The washi paper used is made from rice paper or mulberry fiber, giving it a delicate and resistant texture. The threads that hold the structure were traditionally made of bamboo, but are now generally made of iron for increased durability.

The pattern depicted on this paper lantern is a maneki neko, a lucky cat in Japanese culture. The maneki neko is often placed at the entrance of restaurants and shops to attract luck and prosperity. It is recognizable by its raised paw, sometimes one and sometimes two.

Here are some tips for using this Japanese lantern:

  • If you want to create a zen and relaxed atmosphere, the Japanese lamp will be perfect. Use it as a lampshade, place it on a piece of furniture, or hang it from the ceiling if you have one.
  • Enjoy a soft and dim light by lighting a candle inside the cylindrical lantern. You can also use the hook located above the lantern to hang it from a suspended light bulb.

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