Japanese Soup Bowl With Lid



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Japanese Soup Bowl with Lid – Enjoy a Delicious Meal in this Large Japanese Soup Bowl with Lid

We offer you this Japanese soup bowl with lid to complete your Japanese tableware set. Its light pink color, enhanced with cherry blossom branch motifs, gives it a beauty that fits perfectly in a Japanese table decoration. This tree, a symbol of rebirth and happiness in Japan, will bring a touch of tradition to your meals.

This soup bowl is made using traditional Japanese methods, which gives it exceptional authenticity and quality. Its ceramic structure provides remarkable resistance and durability. Moreover, it is made in an eco-friendly manner, thus respecting the environment.

With a capacity of 300ml and dimensions of 10 x 10.5cm, this Japanese soup bowl is ideal for enjoying delicious ramen soups. Its lid allows you to retain the heat of your dishes, ensuring an optimal culinary experience. Furthermore, it can also be used to serve rice, adding a touch of elegance to your meals.

This Japanese soup bowl is the perfect utensil for a good Japanese culinary preparation. Whether it’s a teriyaki dish, sushi, maki, donburi, onigiri, or any other Japanese dish that tempts you, this bowl will enhance your culinary creations. It is also an original gift for enthusiasts of Japanese culture.


In addition to offering you this Japanese soup bowl, we would like to give you some guidelines to follow at the Japanese table:

  • 💯 It is customary to wait for someone to serve you at the table, especially for alcoholic beverages.
  • 💯 Never place your chopsticks vertically in your rice bowl. This practice is reserved for funerals to pay homage to the deceased.
  • 💯 We recommend consuming your rice without dipping it in soy sauce. Unlike the West, rice has a unique taste in Japan.
  • 💯 To clean this bowl, delicate handling is required. We advise you to soak it in warm water before gently scrubbing it with a sponge.
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