Japanese Tea Box 4 Seasons



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Discover the Ancient 4 Seasons Tea Box, a tribute to the land of the rising sun!

If you are a fan of Japan and its culture, this Ancient 4 Seasons Tea Box is perfect for you! Inspired by the tea ceremony, a sacred ritual for many Japanese people, this tea box will allow you to have a unique and spiritual experience.

Imagine yourself in Kyoto, admiring a traditional and antique tea ceremony. The hosts, called teishua, or even beautiful geishas dressed in Kimono, invite you to dive into the fascinating world of Japan.

With this collection of Japanese tea boxes, we offer you a refined and quirky style, typical of the land of the rising sun. Each tea box is a true masterpiece, featuring iconic Japanese motifs and symbols.

  • Design: authentic Japanese motifs and symbols
  • Size: 11.2 x 15.7cm
  • Materials: traditional Japanese paper and tin base
  • Capacity: 250g of tea