Kimono Haori by Shi Mizu



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Discover the Shi Mizu Haori Kimono, a must-have for cosplay fans and lovers of the Land of the Rising Sun 🇯🇵

If you’re passionate about cosplay or fascinated by Japanese culture, this Haori Kimono is a true must-have in your wardrobe. Its unique and authentic design will instantly transport you into the world of Japan.

  • For a Wabi Sabi look, we recommend accessorizing your cosplay outfit with a kitsune mask or an oni mask. Complete the look with a pair of geta, tabi socks, and a fake katana at your waist. You’ll look like a true modern-day samurai.
  • If you prefer to follow the streetwear fashion trend of Harajuku fashionistas, this Haori Kimono will perfectly match with wide Japanese-style pants. The flowing and loose fit of these cargo pants, combined with the men’s jacket, will give you a trendy and original Japanese streetwear look.

Worn by samurais and geishas for centuries, the Haori jacket is a traditional Japanese garment full of history and symbolism. The fabric of this Haori jacket is beautifully embroidered with Tsuru birds, symbolizing longevity and luck.