Washi Tape Pastel – 10 Rolls



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Choose this set of 10 pastel patterned adhesive tape rolls for a gentle and delightful decoration

Discover the traditional Japanese art with this set of 10 pastel patterned adhesive tape rolls. Made from Japanese paper, also known as washi, this adhesive tape is perfect for adding a touch of gentleness to your decoration projects.

Japanese paper, originating from Japan and used since the 7th century, is a superior quality material. Originally used by monks to write sutras in temples, washi is made from mulberry, mitsumata, and gampi fibers.

This set includes 10 rolls of adhesive tape with star patterns. The pastel colors, ranging from pale pink to light blue, as well as yellow and lilac, will create a soft and warm atmosphere for your creations.

  • The package contains 10 rolls of Japanese adhesive tape
  • Washi tape is made from mulberry fibers
  • Dimensions: 8 mm x 2 m

Discover our tips for successful customization in just a few moves with adhesive tape:

🇯🇵 If you’re about to host a dinner with friends, you can use Japanese adhesive tape to decorate the glasses for easy identification. You can even stick a piece of tape on the cutlery, the edges of the plates, and bowls, using a different pattern for each person (remember to remove them before handwashing or using the dishwasher).

🇯🇵 For decorating your office supplies, nothing is easier: wrap a small strip of adhesive paper around a pencil and match it with a pencil sharpener, for example. You can also decorate your keys, a very practical trick for differentiating them. Or put a piece of magical tape to brighten up your phone case or charger.

🇯🇵 You can also use washi tape to organize your days. Place a small colored strip of Japanese paper on the relevant day and time slot. The best part? You can write over it with a pen and remove the tape without tearing the paper.

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