Washi Tape Azuki



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Refresh your adhesive tape supply with this washi tape straight from Tokyo

The history of washi tape (Japanese adhesive tape) dates back to the 7th century. At that time, Japanese paper was mainly used in temples by monks. It was used to write religious texts such as the sutra. It was also widely used for accounting purposes. Today, it is an essential item for DIY decoration.

Have you recognized this adorable little hedgehog that comes straight from Japan? His name is Azuki. We see him on social media in all kinds of unique situations: on a armchair, wearing a cowboy hat, dressed as a rabbit, on a pool float… Will you also fall for this Japanese paper featuring his cute face?

  • The package contains one roll of washi paper
  • The washi tape is made from kozo (mulberry fiber)
  • Dimensions: 1.5 cm x 5 m

Here are some carefully selected ideas to make the best use of this decorative adhesive paper:

🇯🇵 If you want to decorate your apartment with originality, washi paper is your best ally. Personalize your interior by hanging your favorite photos. Then, use 4 strips of tape (it tears cleanly and easily) to create a photo frame!

🇯🇵 Think big and try Wall Art. This interior decoration is inspired by origami (Japanese paper folding) and involves placing large strips of adhesive tape on the wall to create simple animal representations, for example. Your decoration will undoubtedly be unique!

🇯🇵 To bring as much life and color into your home as in your days, you can also customize your agenda and schedule using washi tape. It’s easy: stick a strip of adhesive tape on a day or an hour and write the purpose of your appointment. You can even create a color code for different tasks throughout your day!

🇯🇵 Don’t miss out on our Japanese paper rolls: we offer a multitude of colors, patterns, and tape widths to satisfy all tastes and desires! Discover them now in our Japanese paper collection. We’re willing to bet it won’t leave you indifferent…