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Japanese Chopsticks for Enjoying Delicious Sushi? What an Excellent Idea!

If you think of Japan, you surely think of Japanese chopsticks as well. These culinary utensils were introduced in the Land of the Rising Sun during the 7th century. Although they are used by nearly a third of the world’s population, their popularity has declined due to the Westernization of East Asia after World War II.

You may be wondering about the adorable little cats drawn on these wooden chopsticks. They are maneki neko, a lucky cat. This feline is the protagonist of many folklore legends, in which it is associated with luck and prosperity.

  • The package contains 5 pairs of culinary chopsticks
  • The Asian chopsticks are made of natural wood from bamboo
  • Size: 22.5cm

Here are our recommendations for fully enjoying your meals with chopsticks:

🥢 Our two-step method for using Japanese chopsticks is as follows: place the first chopstick (immobile) between the hollow of your hand and your ring finger. Add the second chopstick between this same hollow, your middle finger, and your ring finger. Perform a pinching motion to grab your food.

🥢 Now, let’s move on to Japanese etiquette rules: hold your wooden chopsticks in your left hand, do not stick them into your dish, do not lick them, and use a chopstick rest instead of placing them directly on the table.

🥢 Just as it is impolite to point at someone in France, it is strongly advised not to point at someone with Asian chopsticks. Additionally, if you want to share a bite of your dish with someone, use a spoon instead of chopsticks to transfer a portion of your food.

🥢 As the holidays approach, for a birthday or to expand your collection of cutlery, you can find our Japanese chopsticks in a typically Japanese, colorful collection.