Traditional Japanese Bowl



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Discover the Japanese Raku Style Ceramic Bowl to savor your favorite dishes

Add an authentic touch to your table with this traditional ceramic bowl. Handcrafted with typical “raku” glazed stoneware, this bowl is not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical. Its stoneware composition gives it unmatched durability, making it resistant to everyday shocks.

This bowl is ideal for impressing your guests on special occasions. It’s perfect for enjoying your favorite Japanese dishes such as miso soup, soba, or ramen. Its specific shape is particularly suited for these dishes. Moreover, in certain regions, it is also used as a tea cup or sake bowl.

la vaisselle au japon

Want to know the proper dining etiquette in Japan? Here are some tips:

  • 💯 It is forbidden to stick your chopsticks into the rice bowl. This practice is reserved for funerals.
  • 💯 The meal should start by saying “itadamikasu” as a gesture of gratitude for the food received.
  • 💯 Making noise while slurping soup is appreciated as it shows your appreciation for the meal.
  • 💯 Rice is consumed without sauce or salt, so no pouring of sauce into the bowl.
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