Japanese Lacquered Bowl



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Traditional Japanese Wabi Sabi Style Ceramic Bowl

Discover this magnificent ceramic bowl, crafted using ancient Japanese techniques that have been passed down through millennia. Its visually elegant appearance reflects the skill and delicacy of Japanese artisans. The interior of the bowl is painted with a wood-effect brown, while the exterior is glazed in blue, creating a harmonious contrast.

This bowl is versatile and can be used for various culinary preparations. It is ideal for serving rice, noodles, Ramen, and many other Japanese dishes. Its perfect dimensions make it easy to prepare your favorite meals such as sushi rolls, teriyaki, donburi, onigiri, sashimi, udon or soba noodles. Additionally, it can also be used as a tea cup to prepare and enjoy delicious matcha.


In addition to its functionality, this bowl also embodies Japanese traditions and customs. Here are some tips for dining etiquette in the Land of the Rising Sun:

  • 💯 Start your meal by saying the word “itadamikasu”, which is a sign of appreciation for the meal.
  • 💯 Hold the bowl in the palm of one hand to be able to manipulate the chopsticks with the other hand.
  • 💯 Finish all the food you have put in your bowl. Leaving leftovers can be interpreted as not liking the cuisine.
  • 💯 It is forbidden to serve yourself at the table. If your glass is empty, wait for someone to notice and come to serve you.
  • 💯 To maintain the brilliance of this bowl, we recommend washing it with warm water and a sponge.