Women’s Yukata Kimono



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Discover the Yukata Kimono Woman, a traditional Japanese garment that will make you shine like a Geiko 🇯🇵

The shimmering and colorful pattern of this Japanese women’s kimono makes it a true jewel to add to your wardrobe. Inspired by geishas, these Japanese artists who master traditional Nippon arts such as dance and music, this traditional garment has fascinated the world for centuries.Today, it continues to captivate minds through films and mangas.

  • Size M suitable for women measuring over one meter sixty
  • The complete geisha outfit includes a wide Japanese belt, a pair of Tabi socks, and a pair of wooden Geta sandals. Don’t forget to add a Kanzashi jewel in your hair to perfect your look.
  • To close the kimono, simply fold the left panel over the right panel.