Amanogawa Japanese Tea Box



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Explore the Amanogawa Tea Box and immerse yourself in the world of Japan!

If you are passionate about the Land of the Rising Sun, the Amanogawa Tea Box is perfect for you! Inspired by the motifs of sakura, the iconic cherry blossoms of Japan, this tea box will transport you to a refined and traditional world.

The tea ceremony is a sacred moment for many Japanese people. It is an opportunity to savor delicious Matcha green tea while achieving spiritual satisfaction. If you are lucky enough to visit Japan, we highly recommend attending one of these traditional and ancient ceremonies. You will be amazed by the grace of the hosts, called teishua, or the stunning geishas dressed in period costumes.

With our collection of Japanese tea boxes, we offer you a unique and authentic design. Japanese patterns and designs are celebrated, creating a traditional and elegant aesthetic. Made of tinplate, our tea boxes are both sturdy and lightweight. With dimensions of 8.3 x 16.3 cm, they can be easily stored in your kitchen or on your shelf.

The capacity of the box is 250g, allowing you to store a large quantity of tea. This way, you can enjoy your moments of relaxation without worrying about running out. Plus, we offer free standard delivery, so you can receive your tea box directly to your doorstep, without any extra charges.

  • Design: Japanese patterns and designs
  • Material: tinplate
  • Dimensions: 8.3 x 16.3 cm
  • Box capacity: 250g